Library History

The Postville Library Association was formed in January of 1911 by eight literary and civically-minded women. They enlisted thirty more and established a membership fee of fifty cents per year. They met in the Postville Schools for many years.

In 1934, at the urging of Supt. R.J. Carrol, a group of twenty-three women met and organized the Postville Public Library Association. Also, Superintendent Carrol suggested a more accessible and central location so it was moved into a vacant store building on Main Street. Mrs. Florence Roberts was elected president of this new association.

In 1940 the old city-owned fire station became available, so after much renovation the Association moved in the spring of 1941. With progress the library soon out grew that building. The Catholic Church made a purchase offer for the building, and the city sold the building to them.

After much research and many meetings the lot west of the Douglas home was purchased and construction contracts were let in September 1969. With completion in May of 1970 an open house was held on June 5, 1970.

In January 1994 a fund drive was started to add 1,568 sq. feet to the building. Bids were let in June 1995. Groundbreaking was July 13, 1995 and completion was in January 1996.  An open house was held on May 19, 1996.  Donations both large and small paid for the new addition.